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How to Treat Navicular Disease in Horses Using Gallium Nitrate

Navicular syndrome is mostly associated with horses, which in extreme cases, can lead to lameness. It usually affects the front feet of the horse as a result of the inflammation of the navicular bone. The navicular bone is located on the foot, and it consists of ligaments that protect the foot joint from excessive pressure. Navicular bone structure is considered to be complex in nature hence pose a high risk of the navicular syndrome. As a result, the condition is known as navicular disease. The damage of the bone causes navicular syndrome due to inadequate blood flow. Navicular disease inflicts too much pain on the horse. The navicular syndrome can be cured and in most cases, controlled by the use of gallium nitrate. Gallium nitrate is a chemical formula that contains two components, that is the gallium salt and nitric acid. The first to any treatment is to find out any symptoms associated with the disease.

Some of the symptoms of navicular disease are the lameness in the horse. Lameness is also visible in the areas around the feet area. The horse will have difficulties in walking because of the pain inflicted by the navicular bone. In most cases, the horse may even limp and may not be comfortable standing for long periods. After you have accessed the magnitude of the symptom, you can figure out the best treatment. Injecting a dose of gallium nitrate to the horse has been proved to cure lameness in horses.

Another symptom associated with the navicular disease is minimized strides, and in many cases, the horse may even stumble and fall down. It is good to conduct an x-ray to determine if it is really navicular disease so as to know which treatment to administer. Treatment can also be administered orally in adult horses. Gallium nitrate is an effective treatment of this disorder since it is less expensive and medically proven and certified.

Gallium nitrate salts should be incorporated in the daily horse feeds to prevent the navicular disease. Treatment of the navicular disease using the gallium salt can take up to two months and seven months in horses with this severe condition. A proper dosage of gallium nitrate is found to cure and eliminate the lameness in horses. Continuous treatment of the gallium nitrate should be administered to get the best results. Gallium nitrate treatment is safe as it has no harmful side effects on the horse. Gallium treatment can vary in horses of different ages and weight. It is good to administer the right dosage for effective treatment.

This treatment has been found to be effective as it has restored lameness among horses. Gallium nitrate can also be mixed with horse feeds or water. Gallium nitrate also treats arthritis in horses. It has been found to be effective in treating that condition. It has therefore been concluded that gallium nitrate is the best treatment in many horses. Research has shown that after navicular treatment, the disease is eliminated in horses.

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