Should You Try Reflexology?

Talk about alternative therapies and reflexology may come into the conversation. A lot of people, including medical professionals think it’s a load of hooey and that it doesn’t help anyone ever. But then there are the people who swear by it and say that it helps them immensely, so who is right?

It of course depends on the person. If you enjoy reflexology and it makes you feel better then by all means keep it up! The medical community doesn’t say you should never partake, only that it won’t heal major diseases alone and that if you delay ‘proper’ treatment of those diseases it can become a life threatening issue.

So we’ll just deal with the day to day ailments, those that aren’t life threatening and those that may just feel better after some reflexology treatments. Reflexology itself is the ability to stimulate nerve function, give the body an energy boost and help with circulation. It is also said to be able to treat urinary tract infections and to reduce sleep disturbances but these claims are yet to be proven.

It consists of a therapist manipulating your hands, feet and sometimes even the ears as it is thought that each part of your foot and hand corresponds to another part of your body. If you have a problem in your leg for example, there is a pressure point on your hand or your foot that will help to alleviate that problem. Trouble with your liver? There’s a spot for that too.

Centuries ago, reflexology was thought to rebalance your qi, which isn’t just a great word to play in Scrabble, but an unseen life force that can become clouded over time and needs to be reset. This is where medical professionals become a bit confused as you can’t see the qi so how can you fix it? If you believe, however, that your qi is off and you want to see a reflexologist to get it back to normal, go ahead. Sometimes believing in something is a powerful aid in getting back to feeling good.

In short, reflexology shouldn’t be used solely to treat things like cancer or other diseases alone. If you have a problem you should consult a doctor and get second opinions as needed, but for little things that can benefit from a nice foot rub or a palm massage, reflexology is a nice treat for yourself at the spa.

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