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Ayurveda Tips to Reduce Postpartum Effects

Childbirth comes with a lot of challenges that new mothers especially do not know how to handle them. For example, depression tends to come about, excessive pain and sometimes bleeding and stretchmarks also appear. All these can weigh on the new mother heavily such that she is unable to withstand it. There are numerous methods that can be used to treat such a condition. The difficult part comes in finding the best solution because it is not a medical condition. This is where Ayurveda comes in. This is a method of wellness that focuses on maintaining the balance between the mind, body, soul and spirit for one to be well. It is a healthy lifestyle system that has its route in India and it has grown in popularity in the recent past. In most hospitals, it is used as a complementary alternative medicine or solution because it focuses on a holistic nature of the person.

Most mothers are usually ready for postpartum in various ways. For instance they have their breastfeeding equipment ready, they have bought clothes among other things. However, this is always not enough because there is a lot of uncertainty that comes along with being a mother. An Ayurveda practitioner comes in handy in such a situation. He or she will guide you on how to accommodate the various challenges and transitions that are happening in your body because of childbirth. Rest is very important for a new mom. It is recommended that she rests for at least six weeks. During this period. Interactions with her should be limited to close people only because too many outsiders may bring about negative energy which may affect the mother and the child negatively too. At this time, it is very normal for the mothers to go back to their parent’s house for a while where she is assisted with the house chores. This period is for her to bond with the child and create that personal relationship.

In Ayurveda, the human body is said to consist of three energies, that is, the air (vata), fire (pitta) and water or earth (kapha). For a person to be considered healthy, there ought to be a balance between these three elements. During postpartum, the mother is advised to cover the ears and ensure that she keeps warm. Air flows into the body through the ears and thus it can cause an imbalance in the vata. Ayurveda suggests that the connection between the mother and her baby is usually quite strong. The stimulus and moods of the mother can easily influence the child. For example, pregnant mothers are advised to watch positive TV shows to avoid affecting the child in a negative manner.

In terms of diet. Mothers in the postpartum should be given soupy, foods that are easy to digest and that are warm. This is essential in balancing the digestive fire and the vata. Closely related to this is that the mother should stay hydrated at all times.

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