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Types of Legal Services You Need to Know

The first legal services type is that you should understand is legal service aid. Legal aid happens when it comes to filing a lawsuits in order to protect your personal interests. People who can’t afford lawyers are the ones who need legal aid. You are therefore needed to make application to receive legal aid services. Legal aid service companies and attorneys are paid by the government for taking cases that concerns the poor. The number of cases taken are few due to the amount of money involved.

Injury services from an attorney is the second legal service. Most of the injury lawyers solve accident cases on a contingency fee terms. This means that you are not paying any upfront fee wen your case is being handled. You will only pay the lawyer if you get paid on the case. You should work with the lawyer and make decision on the percentage that you will give them on settling the case. The percentage to be given to an attorney is different depending on the standards governing such laws. The contingency fee does not include the attorney’s filing and fees incurred in court.

Social organization of justice is one of the legal services. Lawyers who are willing to provide you their free services in cases that involve social problems exists. It is not hard picking a social problem because they have signs that exceed the scope of your case. Harassing an employee sexually is an example of social injustice. Another good example of social injustice case is being discriminated racially by the landlord at the place you have rented your house. Concerning social injustice, there are a number of organizations that have decided to give their free services.

Another type of legal service is law school clinics. You are able to get free legal clinics that offer services to low income people or customers like students. In most cases, this will happen when the students are being supervised by the attorney. The clinical professor is the supervisor in this case. The clinical services are also needed for offered in various fields like in family law and law for health care. It also possible for students of law to offer different types of legal services like court preparation and negotiation.

Public defenders is our last type of public services provided to people. In the case where you are being arrested and charges pressed on you for that particular crime, you will dread head to court especially when you can’t afford a lawyer. You can be lucky enough to access free legal services for your case. You have the right to enjoy legal services without paying when you are facing trial. This is applicable when you are not able to afford a lawyer of your own. The court judge is responsible for appointing the attorney. The lawyer will be assigned to your case for the time of your trial. In case you lose your first case, the attorney will offer you their assistance during the first appeal.

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