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Why Many People Are Christians

There are many religions around the world and many are trying to find what to believe in. People who are dedicated to their religion try to find others to join them believe they have grown to a place of believing that their religion is superior and is to be followed by others. This has led to conflicts because of every person desires that what they believe in should be adopted by the rest. Even though there has been a conflict in religion and spirituality, a big percentage of people are Christians because of different reasons. Some of the reasons that will be explained below include; being born in a Christian family, the need for a perfect savior, the need for genuine love and friendship and the desire to walk in the supernatural.

Being born into a Christian family. There are many Christian families out here and their children automatically start going to church hence many ends up being Christians and also raising Christian families. Though many people are just churchgoers and have not made the personal decision to follow Christ, at some point they do so because they have seen the beauty in the lives of those around them who have made the decision. So, being born in a Christian home gives one the Christian identity because most of them are given a Christian name.

The need for a perfect savior. People are in search of a spiritual being that will come and save them from their sinful desires. This has led many to seek answers in different places. Many choose Christianity because the Lord Jesus dealt with sin on the cross and when one receives Him then all their sins are forgotten. This draws many because they will be coming to a Lord that forgives them and deals with their shortcomings. People are always looking for a superior being that loves them and value them and in Christianity, Jesus does it.

The need for genuine love and friendship. Everyone has a desire to be loved perfectly. Most try to find this in man but end up disappointed. In Christianity, people can love perfectly because they are loved by a perfect father hence, they love because they love with the love they have freely received. Yes, Christians also make mistakes but those moments do not mean they do not love, it simply means that they have failed or fallen and need to rise. People are always in search of genuine friendship and many find them in church. This is because most churches teach on the value of friendship hence enabling people to know what is expected of them.

The desire to walk in the supernatural. Many people have a desire to see beyond what the normal eyes can see and see miracles. Christianity has many people who see visions and can know more than what can be seen in the natural and this attracts people. Also, the desire to see people healed and seeing creative miracles are seen in Christian meetings.

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