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Customers require to be made aware of the availability of a new product in the market or to be reminded of the existing one’s to achieve this without making losses the business should have well put plans. To know what way will be used in this process certain factors should be considered such as the target market, methods used by the competitor, size of the market, market distribution this checks whether the customers are concentrated in one market or they are scarcely distributed , they should also consider the type of the commodity and the price, some commodity requires description on how to use them others are very expensive hence an appropriate method should be used.

How the product is introduced in the market determines how it will survive in the market and the profits it is likely to make this means that if it is well introduced the product is likely to thrive in the market. Different methods of introducing a new product or reminding customers of the existence of a product is achieved in different way such include social media marketing, radio advertising, advertising through television, public speaking events and others.

Increased use of computers has led to increased number of internet users. Internet has also led to increased in ecommerce where business transactions are carried out through online. These organisation that sell their products through the internet allocate a lot of resources to digital advertising this is because they mainly target the internet users to buy their products. These businesses collect data from different search engines and they convert it into useful information they use it to determine where to advertise certain commodities.

Digital marketing involves all online marketing activities. There are various different types of online or digital marketing which include content marketing this is a type of marketing where crucial content is uploaded with an aim of attracting a customer it may be inform of video, audio or other form that describes a commodity or a business. Search engines these are used to browse or they help the user of a computer to bee in a position to view different websites, business market through the websites here according to the developer they display the images of the goods offered they give the customer care contact the location of the business their aim an what services they offer, customers can also order goods through the website. Social media marketing is another method this is using social media platforms an example Facebook, whatsup, twitter, Instagram to attract more people to search for your services.

Pay-per-click we can easily derive the meaning from the word itself this is a method of online marketing where customers earn some money when they click to ask questions or to buy products. Lastly is the email marketing this involves sending emails to those who have subscribed through a business website to invite them to buy products from them. This online advertising business offer the following services search engine services, pay-per-click, social media, web analytics, web development, content management, blog management and email marketing among others.

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