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Available Programs for Residential Treatment Options

There is a disconnect feeling from the environment by troubled teens. They have anger, confusion and low self-esteem issues. These troubled teens often succumb to taking drugs, being isolated, becoming promiscuous as well as behavior that is self-destructive to defend themselves. For a teen to realize his or her self-worth, their parents must be willing to go to the other level of helping them to realize it. For parents that have taken their troubled teens through the conventional course of therapy or if they have just finished the drug addiction treatment, they will be happy to learn of the other available options that can help to boost their troubled teen’s recovery.

Wilderness program is for youth that are troubled and designed to build confidence, respect for others and self, using mentoring and external experiences and pride. Teens are taught means of survival, different kinds of plant life and animal tracking. By helping these troubled teens to immerse themselves in nature and natural surrounding, this wilderness programs help them to develop authentic, healthy relationships with their family members, peers, themselves and they are also able to respect nature and community.

The residential treatment program is one done either in a stressfree home environment or in a clinical setup center with a complete on-site staff. When a youth completes the drug addiction treatment, they are qualified to enroll in a facility that is less-structured and where socializing and interactions are encouraged. Such teens can become competent and successful adults with the skills that they will have acquired. Residential help for troubled teens comprises of either group counseling, individual counseling, vocational education all which focus on developing skills of the trade, or organizing physical activities or volunteer improvement projects.

Boarding schools, christian schools, and academic programs. Most boarding schools have strong beliefs on re-learning in environments that are nurturing and therapeutic as a good way to help teens who are troubled to have skills on positive thinking and guide them to blend back into the society. There is a strong emphasis by boarding schools treatment programs that they should be taught in positive environments. Structure, healing, and strength are what christian boarding schools focus on giving the troubled youths. Their focus is to assist the once-troubled youths to get back home and society with good habits and positive thinking skills that they earned in the christian boarding school treatment program.

Boot camp programs for teens are those made to guide them on self-control, respect for authority, responsibility using military-like discipline. Boot camp programs are designed to give the troubled youth self-control, a sense of responsibility and ability to respect authority through military-like discipline. Boot camp programs use military-like discipline to help troubled youth to have self-control, respect authority and become responsible. The intention of introducing boot camps was to be the alternative jail time for criminals. Marching, exercising are the physical activities included in boot camp programs. Parents that send their troubled youths in boot camps do so with the hope that disciplined and tough environment will be able to straighten them out.

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