Gifts For Diabetics

If you know someone with diabetes, you know their condition impacts many aspects of their life. Depending on their symptoms, they may need special equipment to manage their health. This may include a blood sugar monitor or special shoes, for example, which make great gifts for diabetics.

Fortunately, companies are manufacturing more gifts for diabetics to make their lives easier. Below, we’ll look at some of the best gifts for diabetics in 2019 and how they could help someone you love manage their symptoms.

These may include tools to improve their health or diabetic-friendly snacks to satisfy cravings. Whether it’s a birthday, graduation, or holiday, you’ll know exactly what to get someone with diabetes for their next gift-giving celebration.

Foot care is crucial for people with diabetes. They’re prone to foot injuries at home. With proper care and a good pair of diabetic socks or slippers, it can really be a huge help.

If you’re buying slippers, we recommend buying a pair with hard soles and a closed-toe design. For men, the UGG Men’s Ascot Slipper is a great choice – it’s made with 100% leather and the inside features soft, comfortable wool.

For women, the LongBay Furry Memory Foam Diabetic Slippers are a great choice. They’re affordable, featuring a plush, comfortable design ideal for people managing edema.

Diabetic socks are another great gift, helping diabetics manage swelling in their feet. Socks are an affordable diabetic gift and they’re relatively easy to find – Amazon features dozens of listing, including value packs of various colors and styles.

Learning about diabetes is important for people managing the condition. The more they learn about their symptoms, triggers, and ways to prevent complications, the easier it is for them to live well.

If someone you love was recently diagnosed with diabetes, books about the illness can be great gifts for diabetics. They’ll learn about diabetes from the perspectives of experts and other people who understand.

Diabetic cookbooks are especially helpful. When a person has diabetes, they have special dietary needs. Accommodating these needs is crucial – if they don’t eat healthy meals without excess carbohydrates, they could exacerbate their symptoms.

By giving a diabetic-friendly cookbook, you give the person access to meals they need to sustain their health.

The Complete Diabetes Cookbook by American’s Test Kitchen is one of the best, offering a wide variety of diabetic-friendly meals. It includes appetizers, main meals, and desserts including recipes like Lemony Penne Pasta with Chicken and Creamy Broccoli Cheddar Soup.

If you’re looking for a non-fiction book, the 2004 classic Think Like a Pancreas is a great option. It covers all the diabetes basics, giving readers a lot of actionable information to manage their symptoms.

When a person has diabetes, its especially crucial they incorporate fitness into their daily routine. Adequate fitness can minimize diabetes’ impact on a person’s life but it can be a challenge to create healthy exercising habits.

If you want to be encouraging and help someone achieve their fitness goals, a wearable fitness tracker makes a great gift.

Giving someone a fitness tracker is a two-fold gift:

It’ll help them monitor their daily activity
It’ll inspire them to be more active
Wearable fitness trackers used to be a niche product but today, you can buy them from assorted brands in various shapes, sizes, and colors.

The Fitbit is an obvious choice if you’re buying a wearable fitness tracker. It’s one of the most reliable on the market, showing users details like steps taken and stairs climbed.

With a wearable fitness tracker, diabetics can feel more confident about their daily routine. They’ll have easy access to their vital signs whenever they need it, giving them tools to stay healthy while they exercise and keep themselves from “overdoing it.”

We mentioned above that daily exercise is crucial for people with diabetes. If you’re considering a fitness tracker for their next birthday or holiday, consider an exercise class to go along with it.

Exercises classes can be a fun way for people with diabetes to manage their symptoms and improve their health. They can meet other people who live with similar conditions, learning their favorite methods of managing symptoms.

Giving someone a gift card to a yoga class or Zumba can be an excellent way to support their diabetes journey.

Diabetics need to carry certain types of equipment with them when they leave the house. This may include a blood sugar monitor or insulin injection shots.

It can be hard to carry all those supplies around – fortunately, there are specially-made bags and carrying cases designed for diabetes equipment.

Myabetic is one of the most popular brands for diabetic carrying cases, offering a wide selection of compacts, crossbody bags, and backpacks in various materials and colors.

Getting your loved one with diabetes a bag for their carrying supplies is a great way to say you care. They’ll feel more secure knowing they have everything they need in one place and they won’t worry about leaving vital equipment at home.

Having diabetes means health complications can happen suddenly. If a person’s blood sugar spikes or drops too low, it can lead to dizziness, fainting, and other serious health conditions.

In these cases, having a medical bracelet is vital. When diabetics go in public alone, they need something to tell others about their condition in case of an emergency.

This is where a medical bracelet comes in.

The medical bracelet tells passersby the individual has diabetes in case they need help from strangers.

You can buy stylish, quality medical bracelets on the web or get something special from a premium retailer. Affordable medical bracelets are available for sale on Amazon, but Tiffany’s offers truly special tag chain bracelets your loved one can custom engrave.

Minimizing carbohydrate intake plays a key role in managing diabetes. Today, sugary treats dominate the foods for sale at grocery stores – in fact, many diabetics feel stressed when they go shopping because low-carb snacks can be hard to find.

You can make it easier by gifting a low-carb snack basket, full of treats they can enjoy guilt-free.

The Sugar-Free Movie Night Bucket, available on Amazon. It contains a large assortment of sugar-free and low-carb snacks, including popcorn, chips, and more. It also features a handy tote bag so your loved one can take their snacks on the go!